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3 thoughts on “Archives”

  1. I am a journalist for The Baltic Times, English speaking newspaper in the 3 Baltic States. – looking for a connection, passenter, crew member, ^whatever? Can you help.

  2. Dear Patrick
    I am doing picture research for a book TITANIC LOVE STORIES and am looking for images for 12 honeymoon couples who sailed on the Titanic. I also need images of relevant items, lifeboats,etc, newspaper articles that we could reproduce in our title. This book is for IVY PRESS in England.
    Can you help by giving me potential picture sources? Perhaps some of your members may have a rich source of material that we could use.
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    best wishes Shelley Noronha for IVY PRESS

  3. patrick.j.toms said:

    thankyou for the welcome back by the titanic international society,as most people know i am the president and founder member of the first titanic society in n.ireland,founded in 1992 in bangor co down.

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