Celebrating our 25th Year in Mystic, CT


The convention web site is up and running for our 25th anniversary convention in Mystic Connecticut, the place where it all began.  Bring your family and friends for a memorable weekend when the daffodils are in bloom and the last wooden whaling ship in the world sets off on a triumphant voyage.  To read about all the events, our flagship hotel, speakers and menus for the weekend, click on the link below to browse all the details at our special convention web site

Titanic Belfast Booklet


TIS members and their guests going to Belfast for the 2011 convention in May should have received an e-mail from president Charlie Haas that included an attachment of a fine booklet regarding Titanic-related activities in Belfast before, during and after the convention. If members did not receive such an e-mail, you may download the booklet at the link below. Please do send your e-mail address and itinerary to  so any last-minute information or announcements can be sent to you before your departure.

Website visitors not planning to visit Belfast are cordially invited to download the booklet using the link above, to see what they may be missing!

Titanicbooklet2011   (pdf file click-on link)

Archie Butt by Frank Millet


Frank Millet painted a series of Men in Uniform, which included his old friend Archibald Willingham Butt, aide to both Taft and Roosevelt.  Frank Millet often stayed at Archie’s Washington home on G Street and the two travelled together to Italy before returning home on the Titanic.

Frank was concerned about Archie’s state of mind after the loss of his mother, and the marriage of Archie’s great love, Mathilde Townsend to another man.  Butt was also distressed about political issues in Washington between Taft and Roosevelt. The trip to Italy to open a new school of art was to be a vacation for Archie Butt.  The rest of their story is well-known, and the tragic outcome of the loss of both men.

The painting of Archie Butt was inherited by the grand -niece of Archie Butt, the former Margaret Morgan, daughter of Shirley Morgan and Arrington Butt (Archie’s brother’s one child).  The feet have been cut off the portrait so the painting could hang over a mantle.  Ultimately the portrait will find its way to Augusta, Georgia, to the art museum there.

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