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VOYAGE BACK ISSUES (Cost: $12 each except Issue 1, $20)

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Voyage 1 (July 1989)      The “Big U” – America’s superliner United States

          The United States, Capt. Smith, France, Californian, Seasickness, Philadelphia meeting launches TI

Voyage 12 (Summer 1992)      Normandie: A tribute: Normandie, William H. Webb, Central America, Atlantic travel, Excambion, Texas Clipper, Queen Mary, Angelina Lauro, Oceanic artifacts, TIS New York convention, Marjorie Newell Robb, deaths of Louise Kink Pope, Ruth Prince Coleman, Morro Castle survivor.

Voyage 16 (Autumn/Winter 1993-94)      Convention ’93 Baltimore

  ‘93 Baltimore convention; Walter Lord; National Postal Museum; Titanic’s steel; mathematics/physics and the Californian incident; Titanic’s wireless; Carpathia; John Treasure Jones (Queen Mary)

Voyage 17 (Spring/Summer 1994)  Rotterdam, inside passenger cruises, and more, Rotterdam; Titanic’s artifacts; Normandie; Delta Queen

Voyage 18 (Autumn 1994)    Journey of Discovery, the 1993 Titanic Research & Recovery Expedition

      Exclusive coverage of the 1993 Titanic expedition; Norfolk exhibition; conservation techniques and procedures

Voyage 19 (Winter, 1994)     Titanic & The Red Cross — 5th Anniversary Issue

      Red Cross’s contribution to Titanic; Morro Castle 60th survivor reunion; S.S. America (Alferdoss) Part 1; U.S. Hydrographic Office

Voyage 20 (Spring/Summer 1995)   Lusitania — A Casualty of War 1915-1995

          Lusitania; Dr. William McLean; S.S. America (Alferdoss) Part 2

Voyage 21 (Summer/Autumn 1995) A Weekend of Sharing — Newark Convention  ‘95

            ’95 Newark convention; Millvina Dean; Ellis Island; S.S. America (Alferdoss) Part 3; Britanis

Voyage 23 (Spring/Summer 1996)  Andrea Doria —The Avoidable Accident 1956-1996

          Andrea Doria; Stockholm; mystery ship; White Star tenders

Voyage 24 (Autumn 1996)    Nomadic — Last of the White Star Line

         Nomadic; Olympic; Edith Haisman; Queen Mary; S.S. United States

Voyage 25      Expedition 1996 — A Journey of Discovery

        Exclusive coverage of the 1996 Titanic expedition; Royal Majesty; Titanic’s sinking; rusticles

Voyage 26 (Autumn 1997)    Expedition ‘96 — A Quest for Knowledge

        Numerous articles on the  ‘96 Expedition & cruise; 85th anniversary of Carpathia’s arrival at Pier 54

Voyage 27 (Winter 1998)      A Matter of Honor — Eyewitness to History: Masabumi Hosono

        Masabumi Hosono; Lebanese on Titanic; the Potters & Titanic; Belgians on Titanic; J.J. Astor, V; Halifax Exhibit; Broadway play Titanic; Eleanor Johnson Shuman        

Voyage 28 (Spring-Summer)   Titanic Touched Their Lives

          1998)     Victorine Chaudansen; Henry Sutehall, Jr.; Eleanor Johnson Shuman; St. Petersburg, Fla., Artifact Exhibit; ‘98 TIS Convention, St. Petersburg, Fla; Science and the Titanic, Franklin Institute, Philadelphia; Majestic

Voyage 29      Documents from a Disaster

        Titanic’s missing passenger list; Titanic’s voice resounds throughout the world; On board S.S. United States; The Navratil family; Oceanic

Voyage 30 (Summer 1999)   Celebrating 10 years 1989 — 1999

        TI member visits liner’s Belfast birthplace; TI gathers in St. Paul, Minn.; A celebration of TI’s 10 years; Recalling TI’s first meeting; QE2’s 30th anniversary; the Boston exhibit; Walter Lord

Voyage 31 (Winter 1999-2000) For the Children — A memorial service in Halifax, Nova Scotia

        For the Children, a memorial service; Halifax  ‘99 — Reflections and remembrances; Interview with Muffet Brown; Titanic comes to St. Paul, Minn.; Titanic’s Irish passengers

Voyage 32 (Spring 2000) Titanic Expedition 1998 — A Quest for New Knowledge

        Part one of a two-part series with numerous expedition articles: ‘98 Expedition vessel deployment; Scientific study of Titanic’s impact; An insider’s perspective; Titanic’s lifeboats

Voyage 33 (Summer 2000)   Titanic Expedition 1998 — A Quest for New Knowledge

        Part 2 of a two-part series with numerous expedition articles: Diary of Titanic Expedition ’98; Expedition 2000 — a new and different view; Who owns the mail?; the McCoy family

Voyage 35 (Winter/Spring 2001)   Exploring the courageous Carpathia

          Carpathia expedition, Capt. Rostron, Letters from Carpathia, Death of Michel Navratil, Farewell to SeaBreeze, Recreation on Titanic, Titanic musical in Cleveland, Olympic and Titanic: Sisters but not twins (Part 1)

Voyage 36 (Summer 2001)   Will Science help solve Halifax’s Titanic mysteries?

        Identification of Margaret Rice; Olympic & Titanic — Sisters but not twins (Part 2); the Caldwell family

Voyage 38 (Winter 2002)      Harland & Wolff — End of an era

        Working on the Big One; Titanic at Belfast — Birth of a giant; Harland & Wolff falls to wrecking ball; James Hollen Bracken

Voyage 39 (Spring 2002)      The world remembers Titanic

        World remembrances of Titanic’s 90th year; Photo essay — Southampton sights; DNA testing

Voyage 40 (Summer 2002)   Tributes to a Titanic friend

        Tributes to Walter Lord; Winnie VanTongerloo; Titanic and modern public relations; Ocean Voyager sinks  

Voyage 41 (Fall 2002)   Lusitania: A view from the stern

        Lusitania’s second-class passengers; Lusitania survivor Barbara McDermott; Researchers identify “Unknown Child”; Secrets of the Dead

Voyage 42 (Winter 2003)      The Fight for Titanic Continues

        Coverage of Titanic’s ongoing legal involvements; The ship that stood still; South Wales coal & Titanic

Voyage 43 (Spring 2003)      Recalling the Gilded Age — The 2003 Newport Convention

        TIS convention in Newport, R.I.; Paris bids adieu to Nomadic; British Titanic Society Convention; New TIS officers elected

Voyage 45 (Fall 2003)   They sailed White Star again

        TIS discovers document recording steward’s 1912 recovery; Memoir of a melancholy mission; Rhode Island Titanic connections; Newport, Rhode Island, and Titanic; Titanic survivors sail aboard Olympic; The wireless romance of the sea; Lusitania survivor Barbara McDermott

Voyage 46 (Winter 2003)      The five-year anniversary of recovering ‘The Big Piece’

        Touched by an historic piece of steel; Listening to the Voices; Robert Rankin: Lusitania survivor; The strange case of the missing Titanic documents; Philadelphia convention; Working on the “Big U”; Cruising on the tall ship Red Witch

Voyage 47 (Spring 2004)      On the Road – Massachusetts; Wilhelm Gustloff

        George Tulloch, Bill MacQuitty, obituaries; Massachusetts Titanic connections; Titanic sisters: The Newell girls; Clergy aboard Titanic; Frank Millet; Millet murals in Cleveland; Lusitania (Dorothy Conner); Wilhelm Gustloff; Ottawa and others; Southampton docks, 1912; Marjorie Collyer ‘comes to life’ in Indianapolis; QM2’s first voyage a mere shadow

Voyage 48 (Summer 2004)   A gentleman to remember — William Baird MacQuitty 1905-2004

        William MacQuitty, 1905-2004/Remembering a friend; Titanic’s predecessor/SS Norge disaster of 1904; Titanic passenger Rhoda Abbott; Lusitania’s Jolivet family; Mystic Convention 2004

Memorial issue (June 2004)  Remembering George — George Harmon Tulloch

        Explorer, protector, friend/A tribute to the man who rewrote history (More than 50 memorial tributes from friends and family); Poems; Special insert: Sketch of George Tulloch by Terry Ruth drawn with a piece of Titanic coal

Voyage 49 (Autumn 2004)    Ships of Fate

        Morro Castle: 70th anniversary; Morro Castle researcher donates archives to TIS; Empress of Ireland: 90th anniversary; Norge: 100th anniversary; Athenia: 65th anniversary; Republic: 95th anniversary; TIS remembers little Mary Nackid; Cruise ship pianist

Voyage 50 (Winter 2004)      Grand Liners of the Atlantic

Queen Mary 2 maiden voyage; France; Maggie Madigan; White Star officers’ uniforms; Titanic’s American crew/American Line seamen travel aboard ill-fated liner; Lusitania: A noble connection

Voyage 51 (Spring 2005)      Learning from Tragedies/Memoir of Disaster

        Memoirs of Bagot; What is colonizing Titanic today?; Laconia: An overt act; The story of John Charman and his mother, Mary; TIS to visit America’s capital

Voyage 52 (Summer 2005)   Convention 2005/A triumph for history

        Exclusive: Unique documents detail 1912 recovery efforts; TIS member donates letters from Titanic’s fourth officer; Ferncliff Cemetery; Washington, D.C., convention; Delving into the Relief Fund book; Lusitania (Wordsworth family)

Voyage 53 (Fall 2005)   Titanic 1985-2005/Setting the record straight

Titanic: Twenty years later/Setting the record straight; Maggie Madigan; Millet’s murals return after fifty years; Mary Agatha Glynn O’Donoghue; Recalling Southampton’s great liners; Relief Fund book; Falaba; Rhapsody of the Seas

Voyage 54 (Winter 2005)   Titanic Today

        Wreck observations; The arrival that never took place; New York City’s Titanic memorials; Ohio Titanic memorial; Mrs. Chambers’ account; Rev. Kirkland; relief funds; Empire Grace; Carvalho collection donated to TIS; Survey results; Letters on “Setting the Record Straight”

Voyage 55 (Spring 2006)                 

        The arrival that never took place (Part 2); Queen Mary; Sailing from Southampton with Red Funnel; International Ice Patrol; Deaths at sea – two intriguing cases; Dereliction of duty? Did Naronic loss set stage for Titanic complacency?; Windy City to host TIS convention; S.S. Eastland/Tribute to hero/ new Eastland exhibit

Voyage 56 (Summer 2006)   Chicago welcomes TIS

        Eastland meets Titanic at TIS Chicago convention; British Titanic Society convention; Ice Patrol; Obituaries (Lillian Asplund, John Parkinson, Kenneth Schultz); Queen Mary; Andrea Doria; New book on Ceramic;  New TIS trustees elected; 2007 convention in Halifax

Voyage 57 (Autumn 2006) In peril on the sea

Loss of Persia precedes struggle for survival; When animals traveled first class (White Star Line); The story of the film Lost Years; Tragedy links two women/TV newsman recalls connecting Titanic survivors (Thomas/Troutt story); Remembering a remarkable mother (Edith Brown Haisman); Swedish historian offers new Asplund details

Voyage 58 (Winter 2006) Britannic  … Then and now

        Exclusive: Birma’s wireless bears witness (Captain Lord and Californian); Britannic … Then and now (special coverage with several articles plus full-color supplement); Finding Titanic treasures in your own town.

Voyage 59 (Spring 2006) Tales of the Three Sisters

        Two nurses recall Britannic’s loss; Exclusives: Q & A with Britannic’s owner; Maiden voyage mysteries (Olympic/Titanic); ‘Baron’ recounts Titanic’s journey; When did Mount Temple’s officers sight Californian?; ALSO, Queens Mary & Elizabeth; Ed Weickel obituary

Voyage 60 (Summer 2007) Titanic 95: Convention 2007

        World’s Titanic societies mark 95th anniversary in Halifax; Eyewitness report: Sea Diamond sinking; Unknown child/Titanic DNA project; Southampton’s ‘Lady Visitor’; H & W ships’ other disastrous maiden voyages; Passenger profiles: The Frauenthals; Carpathia provisions

Voyage 61: (Autumn 2007) William J. Mellors/Survivor emerges from mists of time

          Titanic passenger William J. Mellors; Canceled passages aboard Titanic; Titanic moves aside when Olympic calls the tune; Eyewitness aboard

          the Frankfurt; Morro Castle forgotten voices; Berengaria & Montclare; Norfolk cruise terminal; Britannic & Sea Scouts

Voyage 62 (Winter 2007) Resetting Titanic’s chronology/ Early boats, early rockets

        Resetting Titanic’s chronology; Siblings Emma Schabert & Philipp Mock; NOAA; Titanic auctioneer Andrew Aldridge; Morro Castle forgotten voices (Part 2); Titanic survivor Barbara West Daintin dies at 96; Members reflect on Cameron’s Titanic

Voyage 63 (Spring 2008) A Tale of the Barber and the Sea: Augustus H. Weikman

Augustus Weikman, America’s only Titanic crewman, Mystery of Titanic’s central propeller, Mrs. Alfred Flegenheim, The saga of Titanic’s lifeboats, Titanic time: Tested by wireless, Queens Victoria, Elizabeth 2 and Mary 2, Obituaries: Frank Braynard, Bob McDonnell, Ralph White

Voyage 64 (Summer 2008)  It’s a CQD, Old Man

        It’s a CQD, Old Man, Part I: New look at Titanic’s distress positions, Asplund auction items, Debunking details of a dark night, Research using passport applications, Matchstick Titanic, Bill Miller, Lusitania hero James Miller, Lusitania survivor Barbara McDermott dies, Wilhelm Gustloff, Turbinia

Voyage 65 (Autumn 2008)  New York hosts active Titanic weekend

        It’s a CQD, Old Man, Part II: New look at Titanic’s distress positions, Boilers, firemen and trimmers, New York convention coverage and photos, Flegenheim story, Navratil children, George Tulloch museum room, Weather archives rule out mystery ships, Elsie Doling, Wreck diver

Voyage 66 (Winter 2008)  QE2 sails to new life

Queen Elizabeth 2, Captain Lord, Frederick Hoyt’s rescue, the first Titanic memorial, Jack Johnson and Titanic, Lusitania memoir, Majestic, British Titanic    Society’s Liverpool convention

Voyage 67 (Spring 2009)  Liners at war (Part 1)

            Britannic, Adriatic, Afric, Arabic, Aquitania, Laconia, Baltic, Carmania, White Star ships at war, Stuart Collett, Republic, New Hamburg museum

Voyage 68 (Summer 2009)  Millvina Dean 1912-2009

            Death of last Titanic survivor Millvina Dean, Mary Lines Wellman, Edith Corse Evans, Philadelphia convention, New trustees, Dealer Dick Faber, Liners at War (Part 2): Cedric, Celtic, Ceramic, Cevic, Cymric, Cretic, Georgic, Justicia


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