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Spring 1911 1st Class Brochure – Olympic

This month’s feature is a pair of 1911 First Class brochures. Originally this came out in early 1911 as an Olympic only edition before her maiden voyage. Later in October 1911 a reissue was done featuring both the Titanic & Olympic. After the sinking the cover was changed to a more elaborate design and back to Olympic only again.

The Titanic/Olympic edition was reprinted in the 1970’s or early 80’s and is often confused as being an original. The easiest way to identify an original from the reprint is by the binding. Originals used a red thread to bind the pages where the reprint was just stapled. The reprint also had a brown strip that covered the staples on the binding edge. Sometimes this goes missing either deliberately or through time, but you will still see the staples and most likely some sign of where the brown strip was once affixed. Another difference – the last inside page of the original showing “Reprint October 1911” is printed on the back cover of the reprint. Originals have a blank back cover.

October 1911 1st Class Brochure – Olympic & Titanic