Collector’s Corner

Here in the Collector’s Corner we feature monthly highlights from our members’ collections. Discover items you never knew about or one-of-a-kind ocean liner treasures. We encourage our members to submit items to be shared in future posts!

When eBay was still fairly new to liner collectors, I came across a copy of Titanic survivor Washington Dodge’s booklet. My assumption was that it was the reprint from 7 C’s Press and bid $12. When it arrived, I noticed it did not have the 7 C’s Press markings. I then sent some photos over to Titanic book collector Paul Grote and he informed me that I had an original. I showed it to a few others who confirmed that it was indeed an original. Occasionally, even today, one can find a hidden treasure on eBay for little cost. 

Submitted by TIS Trustee Mike Poirier