Collector’s Corner

Here in the Collector’s Corner we feature monthly highlights from our members’ collections. Discover items you never knew about or one-of-a-kind ocean liner treasures. We encourage our members to submit items to be shared in future posts!

One book that you will find on every Titanic book collector’s wish list is an original copy of the Titanic & Olympic Shipbuilder. The Shipbuilder was one of the leading magazines about the latest in shipbuilding. Occasionally they would print a special edition in a green hardcover that was a compilation of articles from their magazines about a particular ship into one book. Once thought to be very rare, more copies have been turning up lately but due to it’s popularity be prepared to spend at least $1000 to get a worn copy of this iconic book.

This book was first sold as a softcover edition like their magazine before the hardbacks were available. Where the hardcovers seemed to have survived in some quantity over time, the softcover did not and is extremely hard to find today in any form. The majority of soft covers that have survived usually are found in a rebound hardcover. The softcover contains many more advertisements that were excluded in the hardcover edition and this clue is the give away that a rebound copy originally was a softcover.