Titanic Facts & Survivor Interviews

Survivor Interviews

Mary Davis Wilburn (1981)

Nelle Snyder (1980)

Edith Rosenbaum, Gershon Cohen, William Witter, George Rowe, Walter Hurst, plus Harold Cottam (1956)

Eva Hart, Ruth Blanchard, Edwina MacKenzie, Frank Prentice, and George Thomas (1983)

Frank Prentice

Maud Sincock-Roberts

Edith Rosenbaum, Arthur Lewis (1970)

Eva Hart (1993)

Anna Hysten Gustafson (1974)

Joseph Boxhall (1962)

Frederick Dent Ray (1958)

Eleanor Johnson Shuman (1995)

Carpathia Interviews

Capt. Arthur Rostron

One thought on “Titanic Facts & Survivor Interviews

  1. I read a coffee-table sized book on the Titanic about 20 years ago; good paper, glossy pages, hard cover. My friends promised to give me the book, but it disappeared. it contained ‘tele-grams’ to/from the ship, lots of bios of some passengers and crew as well as historical interest notes. Very good, detailed research. Probably over 100 pages. I would like to purchase a copy, but I do not know the title or where to find it. Can you help me?
    Thank you –
    Linda G. Hothan

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