8 thoughts on “Contacts for Members and Media

  1. My daughter, age 7, has discovered the magic of the fateful disaster that became legendary with the Titanic and, she is wanting more. During the days of my own youth, I was given a gift of membership to the Titanic Historical Society and remembered how excited I was to be part of something that is larger than I. So, as thinking goes, I could pass the tradition onto my daughter. I then discovered TIS and am now wondering which of the two Society’s are more in level with a 7-year old? Any thoughts?

  2. As I sat on a comfy chair holding a piece of the flooring from the factory where Titanic was built, I listened to an impassioned man talk about a dream of a new country for some and a quicker trip for others as he brought me back to April of 1912.I was there with him.I was amazed.
    This man told me how he went down and saw Titanic in 1993 when he was in his 60s..He told me about standing on the deck above Titanic on the 100yr anniversary of the sinking,(he said he would not say exactly what they did,,but he smiled broadly).I liked this man..John(Jack))Eaton…Thank you for the book, I was told that you are going back one more time, I’m smiling broadly..God Bless..

  3. Good afternoon. Does the TIS have any information or photographs of Sheriff Joseph Bayliss? As you will know, he was a friend of Senator William Alden Smith, commissioned to act as Assistant Sargent-at-Arms during the U.S. hearings into the Titanic disaster.

    Many thanks.
    John Creamer

  4. I have just published a Titanic Adventure ANYTHING FOR HELEN about my aunt Helen who survived the Titanic. judithslaughterbooks.com. I am sure your members would be interested. Email me at

  5. Greetings, Titanic International! Years have passed but, the founding members of T.I. might remember me! I was one of the Charter Members when T.I. began its ‘maiden voyage’ way back in July 1989 with the ‘Big U’ issue of ‘Voyage.’ To be more precise, I did the original pen & ink artwork on the back cover of that publication as well as Issues 3, 4, 5 and 9.
    Charles Haas will remember me and ‘Jack’ Eaton might… other members, such as Robert DiSogra and Michael Ralph may have distant recollections of when I was a member. I have been seriously contemplating rejoining T.I. as I consider it a friendlier, member-associated organization; one where I might be able to once again showcase my art contributions to share with fellow members, for the purpose of perpetuating the legend of the great liners!

    1. Bruce do you go back to the early 80s? I was part of that group I volunteered for the Philly convention i 82.I am so sorry to here about Jack he was a great guy. Please give Charlie my regards. I had all their books and I remember making great friends at the time. We had our own group that Charlie asked us to form.

  6. I have a Claret Pitcher that is supposedly from the Titanic. My relatives were scheduled to sail on the Titanic but one member of my family became ill so they took a later vovage.

    My Great Great Aunt was dating a crew member while they were in Southampton and he gave her this silver topped crystal pitcher which has been handed down from generation to generation. It was pilfered by him from a Supply Depot of The White Star Lines and it has been in my possesion for over 25 years and has never been used.

    How may I determine it’s validity?

    Alan J. Arthur

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